Death Note manga | 9
Death Note manga | 9
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Light has always been confident in his ability to outdo everyone else, But L’s followers proved to be more challenging than he expected. The more light mental maneuvers, the more The net around him became even tighter. Now, Nir and Milo are working to break up the task force and reveal Kira’s insides! The light has always withstood the stress of the past, But will the pressure of this new line of attack and the tension of maintaining three different personalities be the beginning of its end?

Product details

● Publisher: ‎ VIZ Media LLC
● Release: (January 2, 2007)
● Language: ‎ English
● Paperback: ‎ 208 pages
● International Standard Book Number ISBN-10: ‎ 1421506300
● International Standard Book Number ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1421506302
● Dimensions: ‎ 12.7 x 2.29 x 19.05 cm