John Killua Anime Hunter x Hunter Notebook
Notebook anime sniper Killua
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Notebook anime sniper Killua details

  • Personal : John Killua.
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter.
  • Nickname : Killua sniper
  • notebook size: 20.5cm * 14.5cm.
  • production date : 2022
  • External material: Made of high quality paper.
  • Target group : Unisex boys and girls.
  • Type : Note book .
  • color : Cover in black of paper folder.
  • printing : Large size Killua figure and fisherman logo on the back.

Notebook anime sniper Killua Specifications

  • The notebook comes with a black print on the outside with the image of the sniper Killua
  • The Sniper Killua notebook contains 50 white lined pages.
  • The Killua Sniper anime notebook is a office supplies.
  • Suitable for students and non-students, especially fans of the Hunter x Hunter anime.
  • Use it as a notebook or write a diary.

Sniper John Killua

Killua is a young man with spiky silver hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. The shape of his eyes changes depending on his emotions, It narrows and sharpens when he’s ready to kill. Because of his constant physical fitness and torture training as a child, Killua was rather skinny at the beginning of the series. It gets stronger and more in tune with time. During OVAs, Killua’s eye color has been changed to green in the Nippon Animation version. He has also been seen frequently on a green skateboard. He is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck, heir to the Zoldyck family. He was the main hero of Hunter XIII’s Chief Election arc. He was also the champion of the Hunter’s Exam bow and Yorknew City’s bow.