Attack On Titan Anime Cosplay
Attack On Titan Anime Cosplay
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Attack On Titan Anime Cosplay size

First: The Survey Corps Robe

the product


surve corp robe

78 cm

Second: Attack Sword 

the product

sword length case length
Attack sword 68 48


Attack on Titan cosplay content

First product : Survey Corp. It is a high quality Melton robe with a dark green color connected from the top with a button that closes around the neck and centered on the back. The wings of freedom logo with a fixed print, the robe comes without sleeves and the hat is connected in the same color as the robe.

Second product :Attack sword, which consists of a sword made of high-quality wood, painted in silver, and the grip is black, as for the case, it is made of high-quality wood completely painted in black.