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Death Note Copper Necklace L Lolite Logo

  • Material: Copper necklace and pendant
  • necklace type: copper
  • Pendant type: brass
  • Occasion : Fashionable and casual
  • Size: free size
  • color : silver
  • Personal Name : L lolite
  • Anime name: Death Note
  • Target group : boys and girls
  • Age group : the old and the young

Death Note Copper Necklace L Lolite Logo Details

  • The Lollight logo copper necklace consists of a high-quality copper necklace that is closed with a metal clasp.
  • Hanging with a pendant in the form of the letter L in English.
  • A copper necklace, the Lolite logo, with a harmonious and distinctive shape.
  • The Lollite logo copper necklace is characterized by its high quality material and can withstand frequent use and wetness.
  • Suitable for all occasions, birthdays, when shopping and practicing daily life.
  • The secret that distinguishes it is that it is specific to the character of Lloyd, the main character of the Death Note anime.
  • It is distinguished by its bright color and distinctive shape, so it suits all skin colors.
  • The size of the copper necklace, the L LOLITE logo, is a free size to suit all ages of both sexes.