Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyojuro Hashira Cosplay
Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyojuro Hashira Cosplay
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Demon Slayer Hashira Cosplay Sizes

first :

the product

Length width
Hashira’s robe 90 cm 60 cm


the product

sword length case length
flame sword 88 62


Hashira Demon Slayer Cosplay Contents

  • The first product is the Rinkuku Kyogoro Robe, which is a high quality polyester robe with a white color that is connected from the top with a tie that ties around the neck and ends at the bottom in the form of a fire flame, which is characterized by the colors of fire flames red and yellow, taking into account.
  • The second product is the Hashira Flame Sword, which is the special sword of Bringoku Kyogoro, which consists of a sword made of high quality wood painted white with orange and black color to give the shape of a burning flame. As for the case.