Naruto Akatsuki Itachi Cosplay
Naruto Akatsuki Itachi Cosplay
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Naruto Akatsuki Itachi Cosplay

  • Itachi cosplay consists of the distinctive Akatsuki robe in black color that closes from the top to the bottom with a zipper embroidered with the Akatsuki organization logo from the front and back in its distinctive red color .
  • The Itachi cosplay also consists of Naruto’s kunai andIt is a very special weapon that appeared for the first time when its user appeared, Naruto. It is a weapon with an arrow blade with a circular hole for throwing.
  • The Itachi cosplay also consists of Naruto’s headband, a headband made of high-quality materials, soft, lightweight cotton fabric, black color installed. It has on the front a silver-colored metal plate bearing the Konoha logo in black.