Naruto Sarutobi Asuma Kunai
Naruto Sarutobi Asuma Kunai
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Naruto Sarutobi Asuma Kunai

  • Length: 28 cm
  • color: black
  • type: High quality wood
  • name: kunai asuma
  • Username: Sarutobi Asuma

Naruto Sarutobi Kunai

  • The chakra is the energy that a ninja uses to perform ninjutsu. To activate this technique. When you activate the chakra. The ninja can use different techniques and moves, Without chakra, this goal cannot be achieved. It depends on the amount of chakra consumed by the ninja.
  • In battle, Asuma uses bladed knives, It can extend the blade with chakras to attack the opponent beyond the standard blade range, but after that , He is able to extend the range to several feet, Which gives him enough strength to break through a tree.


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