One Piece Luffy Straw Hat
One Piece Luffy Straw Hat
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One Piece Luffy Straw Hat

  • Material: high quality wicker
  • Size: Available in two sizes small and large
  • color : yellow

One Piece Luffy Straw Hat Details

  • Surrounded on the outside by a long red bow-shaped tie.
  • The straw hat is thick and tightly made, Comfortable and gentle on the skin.
  • Wide brim and large cover provide adequate shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • It is characterized by high quality material and can withstand repeated use and washing.
  • Suitable for trips and when practicing walking and masquerade parties, especially gatherings of anime lovers.
  • The secret of its distinction is that it is specific to the character of Monkey D. Luffy, the main character in the anime One Piece.
  • Its color is yellow as the color of the real character’s hat color Bess and surrounded by a satin ribbon of red color.
  • They are available in two sizes, small and large, to suit all ages and different head sizes.