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One Piece Trafalgar Law Sword 

  • sword size: 88 cm.
  • production date : 2022
  • External material: Made of high quality wood.
  • Design: Legendary combat.
  • Personal : Zoro Trafalgar Law
  • Nickname : devil crying
  • Instructions for use: used for costume and party purposes.

One Piece Trafalgar Law Zoro Sword Information

  • Target group : boys and girls.
  • Material: made of high quality wood.
  • Type : Anime sword.
  • color : The case is black and the case is black embossed with a silver plus sign.

Trafalgar Law is the distinctive and legendary swords of  Zorro, and it is one of the three swords that he uses, and it is a valuable and wonderful gift, especially for anime lovers. on them . It is a modern design, a powerful look and a distinctive black color with a silver handle decorated with a brown and red grove and a black case imprinted with a silver plus sign.