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Zoro Sendai Kitetsu Anime One Piece Sword 

  • sword size: 88 cm.
  • production date : 2022
  • External material: Made of high quality wood.
  • color : Black engraved in yellow and the case of white.
  • The nickname of the sword: The Third Demon Sever.
  • Sandai ketetsu sword design: Legendary combat sword.

Zoro Sendai Kitetsu Anime One Piece Sword Information

  • Target group : Unisex boys and girls.
  • Material: made of high quality wood.
  • Type : Anime sword.
  • Instructions for use: used for both parties and costume purposes.

The sword is one of the distinctive and legendary swords, and it is one of the valuable and wonderful gifts, especially for anime lovers, especially One Piece anime. It is also suitable for Halloween parties and special events in the anime. The Sandai Ketetsu sword is safe for children because it does not contain any sharp blades that may be dangerous to them. Featuring The Sandai Kitetsu sword with a modern design and appearance that gives strength to its holder and distinguishes it among his friends.