Wooden Chopsticks
Wooden Chopsticks
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Wooden Chopsticks

  • product name : Chopsticks.
  • color : wooden.
  • Size: Length 24.5 cm
  • Product material: Bamboo wood.
  • the use : In cooking and eating.
  • the laundry : Washable and reusable.
  • Product Rating: chopsticks
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Target group : Adults and children of both sexes.
  • bamboo wood, Soft and does not cause any danger when eating.
  • Electric paint that does not melt when washing repeatedly or placing it in hot things

About Wooden Chopsticks

  • Material and Size: For eating and cooking, soft and breathable, comfortable to use, 24.5 cm long
  • Great gift: Because Colors not fade when washed, It may be given to your family as a gift
  • Soft and for simple bending, As well as washable. Cleaning does not remove any paints or wood impurities
  • Decorated from the top with modern graphics to give an elegant and attractive shape.
  • Recommended after leaving it in an open place, because it may be dangerous for them