Zoro Yubashiri Anime One Piece Sword
Zoro Yubashiri Anime One Piece Sword
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Zoro Yubashiri Anime One Piece Sword Details

  • sword size: 88 cm.
  • production date : 2022
  • External material: Made of high quality wood.
  • Yubashiri sword Designing Legendary combat sword.
  • Personal : Zoro
  • Anime: one piece
  • Nickname : snow steps
  • Instructions for use: used for costume and party purposes.

Zoro Yubashiri Anime One Piece Sword Information

  • Target group : Unisex boys and girls.
  • Material: made of high quality wood.
  • Type : Anime sword.
  • color : The case is black and embossed with a silver plus sign.

Yubashiri sword is the distinctive and legendary swords of Zoro, and it is one of the three swords that he uses, and it is a valuable and wonderful gift. The Yubashiri sword is distinguished by its modern design and appearance that gives strength to its bearer and distinguishes it among his friends, and its distinctive dark silver color, the golden handle decorated with black leather, and a case of the same color as the sword surrounded by a black grove below.